Trading with Belight Capital Group Ltd:

Easy to learn

We are truly determined to make trading with us an easy and a joyful experience for you! This means that immediately after a 5 minutes long procedure of signing up and depositing with us you’ll be instantly able to get your hands on the educational materials or start trading right away!

Easy to trade

Thanks to all the financial and trading educational materials we have on our platform, including our Forex-centric blog where we regularly post some juicy insight into the industry’s gist, you will be ready to rock! Just take a moment to study all these materials before you start trading like a pro!

Fair & Square Fees

While so many Forex trading platforms take advantage of their traders with some sky high fees on their service, we’re different! We make a fair business and a leveled field a new sense of importance, making sure that you will never find trading fees lower or fairer than at Belight Capital Group Ltd!


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Become a Trader

Sign up for a trading account with us and start earning your money right away!


Create Account

Become a Trader

Sign up for a trading account with us and start earning your money right away!


Global Payment Solutions

Corporate payments for businesses, in multi-currencies

Consumers and businesses purchase goods and services all over the world. However, most of the time they prefer to pay in their own home currencies. To make this possible we offer processing services that support multi-currency payments in a wide range of currencies. Simply send us your clients’ payment instructions, and we will complete the necessary currency conversion and ensure the correct amount is paid into the selected international account.


We will also process incoming international payments for your clients, with or without currency conversion. In the event any payment falls out of the STP processing, our experienced operations staff will perform manual repair activities.  Fully supported by our hotline, our foreign exchange payment service reduces transaction costs, and delivers a high-speed, low-risk service to clients.


  • High STP level enabled by flexible process flow and rule-based automated repair
  • Payment routing based on client-specific rules / parameters
  • Flexible set-up of charges and FX spreads, on e.g. product, client segment, client levels
  • Different FX procedures, depending on a payment amount or a client
  • Automated processing of OUR charges claims
  • Comprehensive cover-matching functionality
  • Manual repair by our experts following bank-specific rules

Value for our clients

  • Complete cross-border foreign payment processing service complying with applicable international standards and regulations
  • Reduce transaction costs and deliver high-speed, low-risk service to your clients
  • Remain flexible in your pricing strategy, making use of different fee structures and FX spreads
  • Benefit from efficiency delivered by high STP rates

Options for Trading

You can find the following trading options on Belight Capital Group Ltd Platform:


Start trading and gaining off any volatility happening during the foreign exchange operations!


Tracking the index of any company listed and traded on the stock exchange can be very beneficial for you!


If you’re interested in following the changes of the commodities’ pricings, then this bull market may be your cup of tea!

New Trader?

Are you a new to this whole amazing world of the Forex trading?

If true, then reading information will help you learn all the basics of the trading and get a first overview of how can you start changing your life for better, starting today!